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What you can expect when you hire me to speak at your event:

  1. Timely, professional response to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. A personal consultation (face-to-face meeting, phone call or online video chat) prior to your event, so I can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  3. An announcement about your event on my blog. (Assuming it is open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.)
  4. A professionally prepared, engaging presentation focused on achieving the desired outcomes you want with your audience.
  5. A custom resource page (by special request) exclusively created for your attendees.  It will include a PDF copy of the slides I used in the presentation, along with links to other relevant and helpful resources.
  6. Follow-up communication after the event to make sure your expectations were met. (I also want to know how you think I can improve.)

My speaking topics

I primarily speak on topics related to health and wellness such as those listed below.  Depending on your need and preference, I can present these topics as a keynote or workshop.  I can deliver these as stand alone talks or as part of a series.  As much as I can, I will customize my presentation to meet your specific needs.  My goal is to help you achieve the outcome you desire for your audience.

Redefining Wellness: A Primer on What True Wellness Is
Wellness is a word that is heard left and right nowadays.  This talk redefines and reframes what wellness really means, and gives tips on how to start getting well.  It touches on fundamental concepts about health, an easy introduction to the concept of epigenetics, hidden hazards to health, common deficiencies causing illness.

Redefining Diet:  Beyond You Are What You Eat
Everyone has tried some kind of diet at one time or another, whether as a way to lose/gain weight, to become healthier, to follow a doctor’s advise, to join some new fad.  This talk redefines what a diet actually is and reminds us that food can heal us or kill us.  A simple, easy-to-remember, customizable diet guide is also taught.

Redefining Exercise:  Gym Not Needed
Everyone has heard that exercise is good for you.  This talk enumerates exactly why that is true.  It teaches attendees about the different types of exercise and how to create a simplified personal exercise routine.  Depending on the situation, actual exercises can be demonstrated and practiced by the audience.

Redefining Germs:  Your New Best Friends
The human microbiome is one of the most important discoveries of modern medicine.  This talk shatters the misconception that all germs are our enemies by sharing the different roles they play in our health.

The Resilience Advantage™ Workshop of HeartMath®
This workshop teaches techniques to transform stress, manage energy, and build personal resilience.  I am the first HeartMath Certified Trainer in the country and am licensed to deliver this workshop over a whole day or in modules.

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Audience feedback

HeartMath Workshop is a well-conducted and well-designed workshop which equips the participants with practical tools to manage emotions for a healthier well-being. Dr. Eca Lorenzo is also a competent speaker who is able to connect effectively to her participants in support of health and wellness similar to how a heart is able to connect to all parts of our body to keep us healthy.  

Gabriel Jose

Highly recommended!  Dr. Eca is very engaging and funny at the same time.

Marjorie S.

Dr. Eca hit it right. Her talk made all of us, especially the seniors, believe that it is possible, in fact, a must, to be WELL. Big thanks! 

- Leonardo “Butch” G. Serrano, Jr., Past President of Philippine Finance Association

Eca, we truly enjoyed your presentation at Amcham in 25 March 2015. Your lecture on “Redefining Wellness” was well received by all our members. The lecture served as a reminder to everyone that adopting a healthy lifestyle is very important priority in one’s life especially today when everybody is always so busy.  Further, we like the manner in which you presented the hard-hitting facts about personal health and wellness. The presentation helps us realize the importance of one’s health and then you provided useful tips on how to monitor and measure progress of your health. Your presentation was very organized, informative and well received by the audience. We look forward to hearing you speak again to our Amcham members in the future. 

- Don Felbaum, Director of Board and Committee Chair for HealthCare & Wellness, American Chamber of Commerce of Philippines (Amcham)

In this day and age when becoming unhealthy is just so easy, we need someone like Dr. Angelica Lorenzo. Her lecture on Redefining Wellness lists down everything you need to remember in turning your unhealthy life around. Listening to her is literally one healthy distraction from it.

- Arete Xavier D. Mequi, Vibal Group

Very interesting topic.  Very engaging speaker -- good sense of humor!

- Rackie Estaniel, Associate Director for Support and Services, St. Luke's Medical Center, QC

The lecture provided valuable information for people on the matter of eating and body issues. 

- Nenette C. Umali, Section Manager, Weight Management Center, St. Luke's Medical Center, QC