I was privileged to be part of EAMC’s recent post-graduate course.

EAMC 20180818 cert tiny

Receiving my certificate of appreciation and thank you gift (a beautiful rainbow hued shawl) for the talk I gave during their lay forum.

EAMC 20180818 title tiny

My talk introduced the human microbiome and the significance of bacteria in our health.

EAMC 20180818 roots tiny

Before I ended, I also emphasized that the microbiome is just one of several intertwined roots that contribute to both our health and our diseases.

Date: August 18, 2016
Event: Skin for All Seasons: Revitalizing the Skin at Any Age
Topic: Redefining Germs: Your New Best Friends (A Primer on the Role of Microbes in Our Health)
Sponsor: East Avenue Medical Center Department of Dermatology
Venue: Luxent Hotel
Location: Quezon City
Public: Public

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