Me and my blog

At the IFM's AFMCP in Atlanta, Sept 2015

Hi, friends!  My name is Eca Lorenzo.  I’m an avid bookworm, lucid dreamer, and medical doctor.  Welcome to my blog, Conscious Health!  If you’re like me — a fellow seeker who wants to broaden her horizons or deepen his knowledge about health and wellness, living and life — then I’m glad our paths have crossed.

What you’ll find here 

I share the things I’ve learned, insights I’ve gained, paradigm shifts I’ve made, as well as information and practical tips about health and wellness.  I explore how the different threads of nutrition, movement, resilience, sleep, our mircobiome, and the mind-body connection weave together in the tapestry of our lifestyles to make pictures of health or (disease).  This is my curated collection of concepts and ideas, tidbits and thoughts from the many people, books, articles, studies, interviews, lectures and talks that have taught me one thing or another, or that I have found fascinating.  Every now and then, I also write a blog post myself.

I usually post twice a week, occasionally more, but I try to keep it short so it’s easy to digest and absorb.   If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to subscribe via email so you can receive my posts direct to your inbox.

Why I created this blog

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a doctor is a person who is skilled in the science of medicine; someone trained and licensed to treat sick and injured people.  It’s root word though is the Latin “docere” which means to instruct, teach, or point out.

And that is exactly what I want to continue doing: instruct people about their wellbeing, teach them how to move towards a high-level of wellness,  point out the different paths they can take, and mentor them along their way.   I’ve noticed that, in general, most people are motivated to do things (like form new habits) when they understand the reasons behind them and can appreciate the benefits they will gain.  So I want to help my patients learn how to achieve optimal health and enjoy vitality.  To transform them from patients dependent on their doctors into teachers themselves who can help their families, friends, neighbors and coworkers on the road to health, creating a ripple effect of wellness.  (If you want to help spread ripples yourself, let’s work together!)  I believe that the right knowledge empowers us to make the best choices for ourselves.  And when we start making our choices consciously and on purpose, whether it’s for our health or something else, our lives begin to transform in amazing ways.

If you’re curious to learn a little more about me, read on…

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What drives me

When I completed my training in Internal Medicine at the UP-Philippine General Hospital (a tertiary level, government hospital that handles many, many patients), I felt very grateful for the professional training, personal growth and life experiences that I received in those 3 short-but-long years.  I also arrived at some crucial realizations (and a career dilemma!):

  1. I don’t like taking  care of sick people.  (Especially when the condition they have is chronic or severe.  Because then I can only do so much to treat them, making me feel helpless and sad.  As well as a little bit angry and frustrated when they’re sick as result of their behaviors and lifestyle choices, since that means their suffering could have been prevented. )
  2. I didn’t want to take up the so-expected-by-everyone-that-it’s-almost-mandatory fellowship training in a subspecialty that would concentrate on a single organ system and its diseases, like cardiology for the heart or pulmonology for the lungs.  (Because that would mean I’d have to take care of even more chronically and severely sick patients.)
  3. I wanted to focus on wellness and holistic healing.  (Instead of learning to manage illnesses, I wanted more to prevent them and promote good health.  To reach people before they got sick and teach them to take care of themselves…so that I wouldn’t have to be the one who ends up taking care of them.)

It seemed Integrative Medicine — an approach that combines the so-called alternative/ complementary/ Eastern modalities of healing (in which I’ve long been interested) with Western or allopathic medicine — was the way to go.  But the Universe works in wondrous ways and while trying to do self-study about Integrative Medicine, I discovered Functional Medicine and the perfect answer to my dilemma.  My world kinda turned upside down (happily) and there was no turning back.  This approach now fuels my learning, and underlies the framework of my clinical practice and this blog.

This is my personal blog.  Unless otherwise indicated, all thoughts, views & opinions expressed here are my own.  I do not represent any employer, company, or organization with whom I may have affiliation.  Though I am a licensed physician, please note that the content of this site is provided on an as-is basis and is meant for general knowledge/education and informational purposes only.   It is not meant to be used in any way whatsoever to diagnose or treat any disease or condition without the guidance of a qualified health professional.   This site contains affiliate links and content, and may also contain some ads, that provide support or some type of remuneration.  I only share/review /promote products or services which I myself have already used/experienced or am interested in trying.  (Please read my Full Disclosure & Disclaimer.)